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Under The Sea Worksheets & Posters


Set of worksheets and posters to learn about animals from the ocean.  

• Facts about oceans: name the 5 oceans on Earth (on the map)
• Ocean Layers –2 activities: Name and describe each layer (use word bank); draw a scene showing layers of the Under the Sea ; add cut out pictures and labels
• Under Water: explain how livings things breath under water (use word bank)
• Fact About... - 4 different animals/activities: use word bank to complete sentences
• Fact Sheet - What do you know this animal? (blank)
• Measurements – 2 activities / weight and length: put the measurements in the correct order (to order and compare size with standard units)
• Who am I? – match pictures with name and best descriptions (cut and paste)

• Set of A4 posters – describing what is: Sea Mammal, fish, sea reptile, crustacean, mollusc, carnivore, omnivore, predator, prey, ocean layers

• Word Mat for writing and spellings with names of animals, and classification groups and features