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The 3 Little Pigs - PowerPoint + Worksheets


5 parts PowerPoint that can be used over 5 lessons. Includes worksheets for follow up activities.

Part 1 – Storytelling
To know the beginning, middle and end of the story
To retell the story orally
Includes diagram of elements of a traditional tale; the story of The Three Little Pigs; prompt for oral storytelling

Part 2 – Sequence
To sequence the main events of the story
To match text with pictures
Activities prompting children to order story pictures and to match text with pictures; think of a good sentence opener for each picture

Part 3 – Sentence Starters
To know how to start sentences differently
To retell the story orally using sentence openers
Includes looking at different sentence openers for each part of the story; think of a good sentence opener for each picture

Part 4 – Characters
To talk about the characters in the story and say what you think about each one
To describe each characters using adjectives
Includes adjectives for each character, asking children to explain why; complete sentences with best adjectives

Part 5 – Story Plot
To know the different parts that makes a story
To give some reasons why things happen
Includes story plot diagrams; a question for each part of the story with a prompt to answer