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DT - Homes - The 3 Little Pigs


Set of resources including fact sheets, PowerPoints, flashcards and worksheets based and adapted from DT unit 1D 'Homes' to create activities linked to the story of The Three Little Pigs.

Planning included!

Through this unit, children learn about the features of different types of buildings, their similarities and differences at home and around the world. They learn about different materials such as wood, clay and straw and how they are used for constructing homes and investigate their different properties. They use their knowledge and understanding to develop and model their ideas to create a model of a home designed specifically for characters relating to a familiar story.

It also links Science lessons and objectives of 1C ‘Sorting and using materials’, 2D ‘Grouping and changing materials’ – specifically focusing on clay, wood and straw - 1E ‘Pushes and pulls’, 2E ‘Forces and movement’ and History Unit 2 ‘What were homes like a long time ago?’    
Some activities can be linked to Literacy (Reading and Writing, Non-Fiction, Non-Chronological Report)