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Animals from the Rainforest - Worksheets


Set of worksheets to learn about animals from the Amazon Rainforest

• Where is the Amazon rainforest? – colour on the map; name the continent and a capital city nearby
• Writing facts about the rainforest
• Rainforest Layers – 2 activities
• Draw a scene showing layers of the rainforest; add cut out pictures and labels
• Name and complete sentences describing each layer
• Who am I? – match pictures with best descriptions (cut and paste)
• Diet - complete table and sentences identifying which animal is carnivore, herbivore, omnivore or insectivore
• Measurements – identify which animals are the lightest/heaviest, shortest/longest
• Fact About… 4 different animals/activities: use word bank to complete sentences
• Fact Sheet -  4 different animals/activities: write about

• Set of A4 posters - descriptions (eg: climate, environment) and meaning of different terms eg: omnivore, mammal, predator, prey)
• A Word Mat