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After teaching in KS1 for a number of years in the UK & abroad, I  decided to develop backdrops based on popular topics taught in schools that would be used as  a means to enhance any teaching & learning environment as well as a stimulus for children's role-play activities.


Over time and with a lot of dedicated hours on my computer, I have developed skills that enable me to use & adapt my original paintings to create more resources including PowerPoints, worksheets, story prompts, bingo games, fact sheets and posters based on many themes.



It takes time to design and create these resources single-handed...yes, I do it all by myself!


You can view some animated examples of the PowerPoints on my Facebook page. You may also see that you can follow links to the TES website selling pages...although it is a great place for anyone to get teaching resources, I do not get much out of the proceedings.


So if you like my resources, and even acquired some,  please encourage your friends & colleagues to visit my website!


Marie :)

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Follow this link to see my backdrops for roleplay!..


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